Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Dexterity


Harini just nak cakap, I have a new online shop which is The Dexterity yeayyy. But dia cuma akan beroperasi 2016 nanti hahaha. SO... what kind of things i will sell?



Yezzaa lebih kurang macam ni lah. And all the painting is just for RM5 per piece. Exclude frame dgn postage lah tapi. Hahahaha SO PLEASE SUPPORT ME, because actually kenapa aku nak start online business ni sebab nak bayar yuran. i dont have enough money left untuk hidup kat u and i am big enough untuk tk lagi mintak duit kat parent. so please help me with this #roadtopayunifee . thank u so much and love you gais.

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