Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Keep calm and change

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Hello everyone. Yeah things get so much better now. I dont really hate my course which is Bomedical Science. The fact is, Im afraid of losing arts in my life. But now, I can create science with arts. It was so much FUN. I can draw anatomy of human body much better than my coursemate can do, and thats the better way of learning for me because I tend to remember everything that I draw, Alhamdulillah.

Im trying to live a positive life right now, and in order to that I have to sacrifies anything that will give bad influence for me. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy watching movies at the cinema, shopping and do some other thing, but I try to avoid everything that could harm me *if u know what i mean*.

I dont know. I feel so great right now. Yup final just around the corner but I dont feel too much pressure like my friends. Im not afraid of getting bad pointer because all I really want right now to understand everything that I learnt with all my heart. I dont want to study because of the exam. I want to study because of the knowledge itself. Theres so much more to explore about human body and Im getting curious day by day. Haha. I dont care about u final exam, buwek.

4 months of being here, in ukm kl, really taught me a lot. You get to know anyone and some of them might help you and some of them might harm you too. By harm I mean they could bring you to the world paradise such as club, weed and many other place too. Its your choice to choose your friend wisely. Its okay if you failed, but never forget to get up again.

Alhamdullilah Ive got a really nice roommate, shes tall, crazy, and most of all, muslimah. And I like that. She never failed to remind me about solat, study and everything. She never comment anything that I wear (even if it was too tight huhu), and accept me for who I am. She never get angry scolding me if I did something wrong, because the way she making me realized everything is with her act. Every morning before going to class she will wear a very very huge tudung and I was like WOAHHHHH TOO BIG TOO BIG, but I just said that in my heart. And all her top and shirt is too big and too muslimah, I wonder how she can wear that everyday. So one day I tried to wear one of her tudung while shes at the fakulti, and I looked into the mirror and I was like, OMG IS THAT MEEE?? It wassssssssssssss, beautiful. Dont get me wrong Im not trying to praising myself, but that wass how I felt. I felt so secure, and I felt that I was being protected. And I love it.

I know I have done many bad things during my past, but its never too late too change it right? I believe one day everyone would have a thought in their mind about their life. How long they are gonna live that way? How to become a better muslim and everything. I have that in my mind too. But one thing for sure, its never too late. Dont change too drastically if you have the tendency of doing the wrong things again. Just one thing at a time. Perhaps you can think one of the good things you want to do and try it for about 1 month. And the next month, you could try something else. I know I am not the better person to give advice like this to other people, but I know, there are people out there who have the same experienced like me, they want to change but they are too afraid and theres no one willing to help them. They felt so lost yet they they couldnt find the way out. Im with you guys.

Just so you know, theres nothing impossible in this world. Its all about yourself. Think.

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