Saturday, November 15, 2014


I don't know.

It just.. too much to think of.

Yknow, I'm a type of girl who think that, in a relationship, my biggest flaw is that I'm extremely needy and sensitive I constantly need to feel the love or I assume it's gone. Idk. It's hard to think right?

I feel bad for having a feeling like this, but.. it's hard for me not think of it. I always blame myself, did I was too harsh? Did I was wrong? Did I really need to give him a freedom all by himself so he can do anything he want without me mad at him? Or did I'm the one who screwed everything? Huhh. I don't know.

I constantly hv a feeling that he already lose interest in this relationship while I'm still head over heels. I mean, it just my own feeling. Idk.

I just, I don't know..

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