Saturday, January 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum everyone ,

well , i didn't know what to post actually . please don't mind my grammar as i know that it was so hard to be like Hidir (if anyone knew that genius boy) . my ajam sayang had left johore and went to melaka . definitely to visit his sister . i'm feeling a little bit lonely right now . yeahh i know i have a plenty of time to waste on my twitter but you know , i'm lack of idea right now . sitting here alone in my atok's pinky pinky doo bedroom make me felt uncomfortable . all her stuff here are all in pink colour . her bed , curtains , even her wall in pink . maybe she want to feel being young again . i want to write more but my mum keep nagging in front of me now . no need to explain her babbling . it will take more than a day to decribe it . gtg now fellas :)