Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thank You and Sorry

For never get tired at me when I'm mad, thank you.
For always makes me laugh when I'm sad, thank you.
For always treat me watched movie in cinema, thank you.
For always keep me warm whenever I'm cold, thank you.
For always taking care of my health, thank you.
For always being there listening to my crying, thank you.
For never complained anything about my look, thank you.
For always saying that I'm the most beautiful, thank you.
For always worried if I didn't eat anything, thank you.
For always let me win in our argument, thank you.

For always acting childish to me, but I just ignored you, I'm sorry.
For always looking to my eyes, but I looked away, I'm sorry.
For always looking good for me, but I didn't praised you, I'm sorry.
For always blaming yourself in everything, but it's me who did wrong, I'm sorry.
For always putting me first in everything, but I didn't realized it, I'm sorry.
For always trying to impress me, but I just make fun of it, I'm sorry.
For always trying to be a good guy because I asked you too, but I didn't appreciated it, I'm sorry.
For always sharing everything to me, but I can't help anything, I'm sorry.
For always being yourself when you with your friend, but I didn't understand it and hate it, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry if all this time I was being too clingy, it's because I can't go a day without you.
I'm sorry if all this time I was being too jealous, it's because I'm afraid you fall for someone else.
I'm sorry if all this time I was too controlling, it's because I care.
I'm sorry if all this time I was everywhere, because I was too worried about you.
I'm sorry if all this time I was hurting you heart, believe it I never meant to do it to someone that I love.

No, I'm not copied any of these from tumblr, or twitter etc. This came from my heart.
I hope you're doing fine. I still confused about everything but don't worry, when that time come I'm sure I will understand all of these. It's hard for me to breath for this whole week you know, but that's okay too. I'm getting used to it now so you don't have to be worried. If you find someone who is better than me, that's good. Because if she is better than me, she will take care of you with all her love. Just live your life like you always wanted to be in. Make a lot of memories with your friend as you're still young. Don't forget others that help you to be what you are right now. There's a long journey ahead you, you just gotta get through it with what you have, beautiful families and craziest friend, that's what matter most. Don't forget your Creator too. He knows what best for you, me and us.

Take care my dear infinity.

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