Sunday, July 5, 2015


Living with a confusing mind, confusing thought, is very distracting. 
Why you can't explain to me what's going on actually. Does it really kills you to tell the truth? I mean, you can't avoid this problem forever. Someday you will talk about it wether you like it or not. You know, our love story is so confusing and it's much more complicated than solving mathematics questions. I waited for you, I'm giving you so much time for you be ready to talk to me but yet nothing happens. Seriously dude, we're hanging out together last time like there's nothing happened between us and that keeps me feeling very uncomfortable about it. Yes, I miss you and I still love you  but babe, we shouldn't act like this. We, should really having a heart to heart session, no movies, no sweet moment involve, just a simple discussion about us. Can you do it? Because I had tried so many times to discuss about this but you just kept changing the topic. So I'm begging you, please, please explain to me about everything, not just keep running from it.